Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM)

It is software that supports the sending and receiving messages between component information systems in an enterprise's distributed system. Message-driven processing is required in a client/server environment that uses a unique program called a message broker.

A client sends a message to the message broker, which is designed to handle multiple client messages and forward them to the appropriate server application. The middleware creates a communications layer that insulates developers from the complexity of different operating systems and network protocols.

MOM is particularly helpful when significant changes happen as multiple systems and products are brought into an organization. It would be costly in time and money to reconfigure or rebuild the IT infrastructure to ensure that all systems, new and old, are working together. A MOM can bridge this gap and facilitate communication throughout different systems and software without rebuilding an organization's IT infrastructure.

MOM is helpful when a business begins to offer a new service, subscribes to a new service, or undergoes an acquisition or merger.

The MOM helps resolve the lack of performance and other potentially complex issues of interoperability and scalability, which can occur in a constantly changing network of systems.

This technology has become of central importance in IoT applications. In this case, centralized message brokers facilitate device-to-device communication.

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